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NEW!  Canventory Version 4.0  (Windows Version: XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)

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What's new in this version?

Tips on new features.

Canventory Latest Version 4.0  (Zip File)
Absolutely Free No Installer Necessary
Download the zip file and extract the program files wherever you want.
Canventory full version  Download Size: 4.07 mb Download Now


Canventory Screen Saver (Windows Version: 98, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista)

Free Screen Saver (By: Ethan Silverthorn)
Cone Top Cans Sliding on glass Screen Saver. Download Size: 1mb Download Now

Enhancements and Bug Fixes For 4.0

-No Activation Needed.  It's Free
-No Installation. 
-Put the program where you want it.  Even on a flash drive.
-Fixed lots of issues with image editing.
-Load multiple images at once.
-Import / Export to CSV
-Added a couple fields.  Lilek OI Number and Grade.
-Archive your old stuff instead of deleting it.

Tips on new features.

How to upgrade
-Backup the data in your current version.
-Download version 4.0 and unzip and extract the files to a folder somewhere.  This can be on a local drive or even a flash drive. 
-Run Canventory.exe in the new folder and perform an import.
-Optionally, you can just point to your existing data.  See below.

How to Import and Export to CSV
-Backup your data first.
-In Settings, check the box to allow edit control for data tables. 
-In Data management, Choose the table you want to import or export and the corresponding Import/Export buttons will be available.

Note:  A pipe symbol "|" is used as a delimiter and is the only delimiter available for the CSV functionality.

How to point to a different database.
-Edit the canventory.ini file in the root folder.
-Enter the file path to the alternate database under the DATAPATH setting.
-The RELATIVE setting should be 0 when using fully qualified paths.
-The RELATIVE setting can be 1 when the folder referenced is a folder beneath the executable.  You only need to specify the folder name.

How to Archive an item.
-Right click on the item and choose "Archive this item".
-Select Yes at the prompt.
-To view the archive, go into settings and check "View Archive"
-Right click on the item and choose "Restore from archive" to move it back into your collection.

Note: The statistics page will only reflect current items, however, when viewing the archive, only archived items will be reflected.  So basically there are 2 stats pages.  Current and Archived.

*Canventory zip package downloaded from here does not contain spyware or viruses..







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